Corporate Events in Ontario

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Entrust your event to us

From the moment your guests arrive at the Ontario Airport Hotel, they will step into another world: a world where unique ultra-modern interiors combine with tailored catering service and comfortable touches. Our staff of experts is at your service for private parties, cocktail receptions, formal banquets and all other social events. Ontatio Airport Hotel hosts corporate invitations and events organized by national and international companies, associations, unions and institutions and offers a unique alternative to the organizers.


Our hotel is an ideal place for product promotions and launch meetings and invitations with its vehicle access feature and large capacity. You can realize activities beyond your dreams with technical equipment and infrastructure opportunities. Experienced Hotel Event Space team will assist you at every stage of your organization.

VIP and Protocol Events

Ontario Airport Hotel is preferred for VIP and Protocol meetings and events. Ontario Event Space team, which has served and hosted many heads of state, politicians and bureaucrats with its experienced kitchen and service personnel, offers the necessary special and sensitive service for the highest level guests.

Event Corporate Banquet

Special Meal

Ontario Airport Hotel is ideal for evening parties and special events, as well as for breakfast and lunch meetings and reunions. It offers a different Ontario experience in the heart of the historical peninsula for group meals, family dinners and similar gatherings.

The Catering for a corporate event includes:

  • Menu compilation and concept development.
  • Selection of dishes, cutlery and table decor.
  • Guest service (serving and changing dishes, serving drinks).
  • Calculation of the exact cost of catering.

Thanks to these features, our company manages to organize and service corporate events of varying complexity and scale. Our own professional chefs, modern cuisine and creative solutions will make your event flawless.

Catering Service